Van Heyneker Fine Furniture


Custom made tables, chairs, desks, beds, chests, or even cabinetry and built-ins, whether traditional or contemporary in design, can add beauty, practicality and prestige to any home. A custom-made dining table or a sideboard, a set of handmade chairs or a hutch, can make the dining area in your home unique, whether it’s a formal dining room, or a more casual eat-in kitchen area.
Furniture and cabinetry can also be designed for your living room, bedroom, study, family room or home office. Dressers, highboys, and chests can be timeless, and the pieces made today will be passed on to future generations. Hand carved bedposts, headboards, canopy frames and foot boards were the hallmark of elegance in past centuries. Custom beds can still be made today using lathe turnings and hand made carvings, designed exclusively for each client.

One of the pictures in this section shows the “one of a kind” design of a slant front desk, or secretary, for a fly fisherman. Among its features, besides its unique proportions, are the raised panel doors, more than 40 small drawers, and a few secret compartments. Another picture is of two matching inlayed Chester County style blanket chests. Heirloom pieces for the next generation. A handsome double armoire takes the place of a closet and dresser. This one can be disassembled for transport.

All woodwork is carefully designed and crafted to meet the client’s specifications. Each piece is a work of art from the hands of talented woodworkers. Whether your piece is made of mahogany, maple, walnut, cherry or other imported exotic woods, it can be designed to be the perfect fit for the space it will occupy.